Blanche Parry

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Blanche Parry accompanied her aunt, Lady Troy, to the Tudor Royal Court. King Henry VIII appointed Lady Troy as Guardian / Lady Mistress to his children, Princess Elizabeth and Prince Edward; she supervised Princess Mary when she lived with them.

Blanche, close to Queen Elizabeth I for 56 years, was pre-eminent at the centre of the Elizabethan Court. Lord Burghley was her friend and cousin.

‘Mistress Blanche, Queen Elizabeth I’s Confidante’, the first Biography of Blanche Parry, and of Lady Troy, was published for the 500th anniversary of Blanche's birth is now available in a new edition – same price, includes 26 colour photographs – with additional information on:

  • the Portrait of Queen Elizabeth , newly discovered in the U.S.A. and
  • the priceless Bacton Altar Cloth, the only provenanced section from Queen Elizabeth's 1900 dresses and the only surviving quality cloth of the period with direct embroidery.

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Beautiful, superb quality, pictures, with text, based on this book are available in ‘Blanche Parry & Queen Elizabeth I’.

To augment both books, this website is hosting additional research, including:

The Epitaph was composed by Blanche herself for her monument in Bacton Church, Herefordshire. The Bacton Monument is now securely dated to before November 1578 and so is the earliest known depiction of Queen Elizabeth I as an icon, as Gloriana. This is, therefore, nationally important. Compare with Blanche's St. Margaret's Epitaph in St. Margaret's Church, Westminster (see Biography page 136).

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