Blanche Parry

Information additional to that given in the biography.

Lady Troy and Blanche Parry:
New Evidence about their Lives at the Tudor Court

Paper in the 'Bulletin of the Society for Renaissance Studies', 1 October 2009; (reprinted here with the kind permission of the Editors).

Blanche’s Yorkshire Tenants / Fieldnames from documents transcribed by Sue Hubbard (see biography pages 121-124, references pages 176-177). Blanche’s lands in Yorkshire had originally belonged to monastic houses and to the Crown.

Translations and discussion of nine Welsh bardic poems that provided further insight into Blanche Parry’s family.

Parry Family Lands in 1524, 1543, 1544 & 1545 from IPMs, with glossary.

First published in The Golden Valley Studies Group Newsletter.

The Front Panel of Harri Ddu ap Gruffudd's cupboard (by Richard Bebb)
Harri Ddu ap Gruffudd (Griffith) was Blanche Parry's great-grandfather...