Blanche Parry


Past & Present

Many of these articles first appeared in a free monthly magazine 'Absolute Herefordshire' (now defunct). They are reproduced here, with a print version if you prefer, for you to enjoy. Please do visit the places mentioned - Herefordshire and the Welsh border area is rich in historical sites .... Ruth.


Let's make the most of our wealth of churches print version Spring 2015

"Love your Church - Make it known - Encourage People to Visit"  Reflections Magazine

Story behind Nativity scenes print version November / December 2014

With Christmas approaching, the story behind the Nativity scene.

A Master Craftsman print version October 2014

The story of the King's Carpenter, John Abell of Sarnesfield,

Answering the call – heroes all print version September 2014

The stories of some of the men who were quick to join the colours at the outbreak of World War I.

Discover the history in your feet print version August 2014

Some fascinating findings from feet

When General Patton was 'over here' print version July 2014

Looking back 70 years to the time of D–Day and at one Herefordshire military camp

Recalling our days as a Dukedom print version June 2014

Looking back to the days when Hereford had its very own Duke

Castles tell tales of terror print version May 2014

How Herefordshire's castles tell the story of forced labour under the yoke of a foreign invader

More than Places of Prayer print version April 2014

Reflections how new uses for country churches reflects what happened in the past

Calendar link to ancient Rome print version February 2014

Relying on the Romans for our calendar

From Saint to Santa print version December 2013

A saintly and seasonal story.

Stedman's story still rings true print version November 2013

Church Bells celebrating the failure of the Gunpowder Plot on the 5th November 1605 did not sound the same as they do today thanks to the Herefordian Fabian Stedman.

Story of our own Saint' (Thomas Cantilupe) print version October 2013

The telling a miraculous tale...

Finding history hidden in hedges can be fun print version September 2013

September is an ideal time for dating hedges according

Garden with links to historic lives print version August 2013

The flower garden of Madley.

The bishop, the Baskervilles and brave new ideas print version July 2013

Eardisley Church and font, Baskervilles, and John Croft (a Lollard) and the Bishop of Hereford.

Royal day remembered print version June 2013

Looking back to a special event that still lives in many people's memories – the Queen's Coronation in 1953

Making the most of Merry May print version May 2013

Celebrating the start of summer, Beltane, Flora, maypoles, Broomy Hill, Kingsland and Hereford May Fair.

Make sure historic castle is on your radar print version April 2013

Goodrich Castle, Gilbert de Clare, Richard 'Strongbow', Joan, latrines, food, surviving chapel with modern stained–glass windows and Radar.

Sorting out a dating dilemma print version March 2013

The importance of 1752 for researchers and family historians with examples of Blanche Parry, Viscount Scudamore and John Geers of Garnons.

Bringing back the sun print version January / February 2013

Neolithic ritual to make crops grow, led to Twelfth Night celebrations, Wassail, and the Leominster Morris

Adding a tingle to Christmas print version December 2012

With Christmas in mind, attention turns to a seasonal custom that has its roots in the 18th Century but which has become a part of life in Herefordshire villages only in the last 40 or so years.

Guy Fawkes blows away memories of county riot print version November 2012

Without Guy Fawkes it may well have been an incident in Herefordshire that lived on in our modern memories.

Scandel in the Nunnery print version October 2012

An outrage that shook the county of Herefordshire 900 years ago!

Forts tell tales of past farmers and fighters print version September 2012

Iron Age Hillforts and Credenhill

Pétanque is just a stone’s throw from history print version August 2012

Stone throwing in the Middle Ages, as popular as football, William Marshall, Harri Ddu and Bacton Church

Abbeydore’s link to Archbishop print version July 2012

Archbishop William Laud and Dore Abbey

A friend fit for a famous Queen print version June 2012

Blanche Parry, Elizabeth I and Bacton Church