Blanche Parry

Treasure to keep: BOOK with SUPERB PICTURES of the highest quality - an innovation in publishing as in a calendar-format to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II:

Blanche Parry and Queen Elizabeth I

This limited edition book, with beautiful photographs, cannot be reprinted. It is produced through the generosity of the owners of the pictures who include H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. All proceeds go to Bacton Church, Herefordshire, where Blanche worshipped as a girl and where her family are buried. Many pictures are placed according to date relevance - for instance Princess Elizabeth’s as she was born in September. The front and back covers are below - but are necessarily overprinted on this website due to copyright. Described as ’unique’, ’magnificent’, ’a good read’, ’the best history book I have ever read’, this book has already sold from Alaska to Australia and throughout Europe and the UK.

Price: £9 + pp from ... £5 if bought at Bacton Church.

...marvellous, unrepeatable, bargain for such a BOOK + SUPERB PICTURES...

reduced price only because the calendar–format is now a Diamond Jubilee souvenir.

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Front cover of the calendar

Front cover of the calendar

Back cover of the calendar

Back of the calendar


St. Faith's Church, Bacton, Herefordshire - where Blanche worshipped as a girl and where her family are buried (photographer Terry Richardson)


Blanche's tomb in St. Margaret's Church, Westminster (courtesy of the Dean & Chapter of Westminster)


Lord Burghley's portrait - he was Blanche's cousin and friend (courtesy of the Marquess of Salisbury)


Daffodils at Dore Abbey, where Blanche's father was Steward (photographer Terry Richardson)


Newcourt Site today with inset drawing of the house - Blanche was born at Newcourt (photographer Terry Richardson, inset Pilley Collection)


Rainbow portrait of Queen Elizabeth I - the Queen's bodice is similar to the Bacton altar cloth (courtesy of the Marquess of Salisbury)


Welsh Bible frontispiece 1588 - published in Blanche's lifetime and she may have helped financially (courtesy of the National Library of Wales)


Llangorse Lake with, inset, the 1584 map commissioned by Blanche herself to aid the legal consideration of the protracted court case in which she was initially involved (courtesy of the Clwyd-Powis Archaeological Trust & The National Archives)


Princess Elizabeth c.1546 portrait - Blanche was constantly with Elizabeth I for 56 years (courtesy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II)


Queen Elizabeth I's Presence Chamber - Blanche is shown at centre of the Royal Court (courtesy of the Staatliche Museen-Kassel, Germany)


Hatfield Old Palace - where Queen Elizabeth I learned of her accession (courtesy of the Marquess of Salisbury)


Blanche's Bacton Monument, the first depiction of Queen Elizabeth I as Gloriana, with seasonal Christmas Tree (photographer Terry Richardson)