Blanche Parry

Dore Abbey Articles

Many Papers were published in the Newsletter of The Friends of Dore Abbey. The relevant Dore Article number and date is given for each Paper. Where the Paper has been updated this is indicated. Copyright remains with the individual authors. Papers may be used with due acknowledgement but please notify the webmaster.

Papers complement ’A Definitive History of Dore Abbey‘ edited by Ron Shoesmith & Ruth E. Richardson.

John Abel, Carpenter

Dore Article 29 – Autumn 2007

Introducing The Friends of Dore Abbey

Introduction to the Friends

’The Mine, the Monastery, the Ministry‘

Extract from the address given by the Reverend J. D. (Dennis) Monger at the Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Dore Abbey on Saturday, 7th June, 2008

Dore Article 31 – Autumn 2008

’Meet a Local Man who knew the Abbey…‘

Research on the skeleton found during the 2008 excavation.

Dore Article 33 – Autumn 2009

’The 17th Century Abbey – as Lord Scudamore knew it...‘

Layout of Dore as a Laudian Church.

Dore Article 34 – Spring 2010

’Colour in Dore Abbey‘

Colour in the medieval Abbey & (new discovery) in the Laudian Church.

Dore Article 35 – Autumn 2010